Gig Reviews


Gloucester Guild Hall (NME)

(4th November 1998)


Plymouth, The Cooperage (Emma Jonathon/ Plymouth Scene)

(5th November 1998)  


LA2, London (Independent / Country Music International)

(30th November 1999)


Astoria, London (Melody Maker)

(22 January 1999)


Wolverhampton Varsity (NME)

(17th March 1999)


Piccadilly Records, Manchester - Acoustic Tour (Dylan Harris)

(18th March 1999)


Manchester Hop & Grape (Melody Maker)

(18th March 1999)


Bristol Fleece & Firkin (Bristol Venue)

(25th March 1999)


Highbury Garage, London (The Times)

(29th March 1999)


Liverpool Lomax (Liverpool Gazette)

(28th April 1999)


The Borderline, London (Melody Maker)

(14th June 1999)


Gloucester HMV acoustic gig (Ben Rumbold)

(17th June 1999)


Dublin Olympia (NME)

(19th June 1999)


Glastonbury Festival (Flipside / The Times)

(26th June 1999)


T in the Park (NME)

(10th July 1999)


Waters Edge Festival (Dylan Harris)

(24th July 1999)


Reading Festival (Melody Maker / Dylan Harris)

(28th August 1999)


Rotown, Rotterdam (Riny Van Eijk)

(9th December 1999)


Tower Balroom, Blackpool (Daniela Hoecke)

(4th May 2000)


Joiners, Southampton (Timbob)

(3rd May 2001)


Casbah, Sheffield (Scott Cooper)

(9th May 2001)


King Tuts, Glasgow (Greig Martin)

(25th May 2001)


Barfly, London (Simon Rutter)

(1st June 2001)


King Tuts, Glasgow (Greig Martin)

(3rd June 2001)


Band On The Wall, Manchester (Dylan Harris)

(18th July 2001)


Academy, Manchester (Dylan Harris)

(3rd August 2001)


Roadmenders, Northampton (John Flynn)

(17th August 2001)


ULU, London (Phil McMinn /

(13th September 2001)


King Tuts, Glasgow (Greig Martin)

(14th October 2001)


Hop & Grape, Manchester (Dylan Harris / JJ Starr)

(16th October 2001)


Zodiac, Oxford (Paul McNamee [NME])

(16th October 2001)


Scala, London (Timbob / Simon Ward [])

(22nd October 2001)


Metropolitan University, Leeds (Nigel Kurt [americana-uk])

(31st January 2002)


Royal Albert Hall, London (Scott Cooper)

(1st February 2002)


Apollo, Manchester (Dan)

(2nd February 2002)


Corn Exchange, Edinburgh (Greig Martin)

(3rd February 2002)


Moles, Bath (Ben Patterson)

(2nd March 2002)


Borderline, London (Tim Morris [americana-uk])

(19th March 2002)


Borderline, London (setlist)

(31st August 2002)


Masque Venue, Liverpool (leece/Guardian)

(31st August 2002)


Lousiana, Bristol (John Smith / Geoff Cherrill)

(4th April 2003)


Mill At The Pier, Wigan (Michael Orrell)

(5th April 2003)