Glasgow King Tuts 3/6/2001


F***in ace!!!!
That was what I call a good gig!! Gerard and Dylan played a blinder of an acoustic set. The crowd was probably more Witness orientated than the one that was there last week for their headlining gig.
Me, my girlfriend, a mate and his girlfriend grabbed a beer when we got in the bar and about half an hour later Gerard and Dylan sat down at the next table. I admit I did get a bit starstruck (the sad git that I am). My girlfriend etc. were totally ripping the mince out of me for it, (they like Witness but aren't big enough fans to get starstruck when nearly half of the band are drinking at the next table). I got used to it after about 20 mins. and came back out of my shell. A few beers later I stumbled into the lavatory to lose a gallon or two and Gerard was standing at the end of the urinal. I plucked up the courage to say "Alright, Gerard". "Yeah, not too bad thanks, You??". Then we just got talking about the gig last week, he seemed quite surprised that someone had bothered to come along twice, "You must be a glutton for punishment". Amongst other things I told him the new stuff sounded excellent and he was able to tell me that they have been confirmed for V2001. Straight from the horses mouth. He washed his hands and thanked me for my support and went back out to the bar. I then got stage fright at the urinal which lasted about 10 mins.
They came on stage about 3/4 of an hour later after an American solo guy called Mark Mulcahy (sounded like Van Morrison to me) and played a blinder. Gerard seemed to have gained a lot of confidence on stage and appeared very relaxed and at points quite funny, especially when "playfully" taking the piss out of Dylan who also showed he had more strings to his bow than being a bass player, he had a banjo on the go for some songs, a mouth harmonica and showed he had played a fair bit of guitar also. It was Dylan`s multi instrumental set that Gerard used to get a few laughs out of the crowd along after "Hijacker" by telling the really loud guy in the 3rd row to sing a bit quieter and more in key or tune. "We'll get on with the next one in a minute....after this guy gets all tooled up" as Dylan struggles to hold the guitar on his lap and at the same time get the mouth harmonica holder thingy to sit right without falling off.
The set included a mix, the old song included "Freezing Over Morning", "Hijacker", "My Own Old Song" and the set closer "Still". I'm not too good with the names of the newer songs but I picked up that they played "Under A Sun" and a song called "Avalanche".
Each song had the crowd clapping and cheering for yonks and the ones who were there for Tom McRae (who also was astounding) seemed to be well impressed as the two acts do compliment each other really well in my humble opinion. As at the moment Tom McRae is being pushed by the record company (I saw an advert for him on the Q music channel). It looks as though it could be a good thing for Witness by going on tour with him as they will be playing to an audience that has an ear for their kind of sound. Best of luck to Witness, if Toploader can get where they are on what they are then Witness should be the biggest band in Britain.

Greig Martin


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