The Borderline, London (14/6/99)

...Did I say how incredible Witness' songs are? I did? Well, before I slash the nearest available wrist, could I just add that, even though tonight's live performance fails to match that of Python's parrot, 'Scars' remains an amazing song from the first band since My Bloody Valentine to truly understand the texture of music. Like the overlapping flurry of 'Freezing', like the breathtaking hysteria of 'Quarantine', 'Scars' rips new holes in your head where your eyes once were, filling them with music so pure, you think God's taken up residence behind your eyebrows.

That said a coma victim in a school for the blind would be more visually exciting. Witness have one song - 'Audition' - that actually rocks. And what does singer Gerard Starkie do when the music gets really enormous? he turns his back, drinks his beer and shuffles a bit. Obviously. Just like he does during the
other ten songs. Frankly floorboards have more stage presence. And they're less wooden. And on and on it goes. Great song, unique song, breathtaking song all ruined by a lack of commitment that mumbles: "We're not bothered. Why on earth are you?" And after a while, you can't help but agree.



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