Plymouth, The Cooperage (5/11/98)


Supporting Gene in 1998 5th November, they completely blew me away. It was a really small venue that has absolutely amazing acoustics, nobody was paying much attention but they had a really cool sort of air about them, most of the songs sounded pretty haunting (probably because of the dark setting) but in a kind of beautiful way.


It must be good being mates with The Verve, or one of them. It must be fantastic to have an instantly
positive image in the eyes of the public. What most of us wouldn't give to be in Witness' shoes. And yet, they seem so depressed. And I don't mean tortured, pre-millennial angst, here. Depressed. Lifeless, apathetic, with a fondness for plodding acoustic guitar. Dull. Fair enough, they meant it, they played well, but for the
8 quid ticket price we could have all scored some downers and listened to Virgin 1215.



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