Reading Festival, Carling Premier Stage (28/8/99)


They (Witness) drew the evening's first expectant hush, which was rewarded with some very fine country
rock. Songs of 'cheap wine and weed' connected with the, erm, relaxed atmosphere in the tent.

Melody Maker


Witness took to the stage almost an hour later than planned due to Patrick Jones' earlier overlong ramblings. They finally arrived complete with cans of Carling Premier in tow and launched immediately into their set. Despite several sound problems and a fairly brief set, which didn't include fans' favourite, Quarantine, they seemed to impress many first time onlookers. Amongst the comments I heard were, " I didn't know they were that good" and "they've got a few really good songs actually have't they?". The gig also gave them the chance to preview two new tracks, maybe from the next album; 'Mines' and 'Till the Morning Helps Me Out'.

Dylan Harris


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