Bath Moles (2/3/02)


Setlist was :-

Slide one
Own old
One is
My boat
So far
C + E

Excellent venue, very small, so well close to the band. The new tracks
played were brilliant & I'm so looking forward to the new album going off
hearing those tracks.
Only bugbear for me was they didn't play "My time alone", i love that track
so much. But only a minor bugbear, they were superb.
Just the one prick shouting out , "play some Deep Purple", dickhead should
have stayed at home.......with mother, but then i used to be like that after
1 Oh yea & the arsehole, (might have been the same
guy), who stood right in front of the stage  & appeared to be trying to put
them off, but he was dealt with in style.
Fantastic night, I just wish the band could get some airtime, because with
that would come the recognition they deserve.
Thanks very much guys.

Ben Patterson


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