Manchester Band On the Wall - 18/7/01

Seen them 4 times this year and each time they get better!
Met up with Colin and his wife in Dry Bar to give them their tickets then headed off to the venue. Got to the venue to see a poster on the door stating "live tonight - THE WITNESS - invitation only" Worried me for a minute that it was going to be a different band!
Left tickets on the door for Daniel and co, then went inside to an empty venue! Got very worried that they'd only be playing to just us 4, but thankfully a few more people turned up (all friends of the band, Island reps etc though).
By the time the band came on (Gerard, Dylan and John), there was probably about 30 people in there. Judging by the turnout for the last Manchester gig they played, I have no doubt they'd of packed out the venue if they'd of done even the tiniest bit of advertising for it. I actually saw the bouncers turning someone away for not having tickets (which were free anyway!!)
The acoustics in the venue were superb...the best sound for a gig I have heard in a long while. Gerard at the front with his guitar, John at the back with his mini drum kit / bongo type contraption and Dylan at the side, banjoed up like a baseball capped George Formby (sorry Dylan!)
"No stage Diving tonight!" Gerard said just before they started off the set with Mines. A good mix of old and new tracks followed; Hijacker, My Boat, Dividing Line, Freezing Over Morning, Avalanche, Under A Sun, My Own Old Song, Still and Heirloom. 

A mixture of the intimacy of the venue, great acoustics, and the band on top form made it one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling gigs I've seen in a long while.


Dylan Harris


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