Manchester Apollo - 02/02/02

Just returned home from what has to be said was a f***in top gig. Embrace were awesome and the crowd were really up for it. Don't usually much like the Apollo but tonight was an exception.

Anyway, onto Witness... was a little apprehensive about how Witness would sound without Jools but they pulled it off. The overall sound seemed "stripped" but I enjoyed it the nonetheless and amazingly the crowd gave them a really good reception. I think the setlist was the same as the London gig and from what I could work out from a scrappy piece of paper on the soundboard was as follows:

Warning Song
My Boat
So Far Gone
One Is
The Ending
Cause & Effect

Was good to hear Cause & Effect live again and particularly liked the piano parts on My Boat played on the guitar! So Far Gone is just amazing live so overall very promising. Two of my mates who don't really like Witness said they enjoyed it so two new converts to the cause if nothing else.




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