London Royal Albert Hall - 01/02/02

Ok so its the day after the Albert hall gig and I'm left with mixed thoughts I can't understand why the boys played such a crap selection of there songs the set was

1. New song
2. Warning song
3. My Boat
4. New song
5. So FAR gone
6. New Song
7. Cause + Effect
8. Pushchair

I think that's all they played I know they only did half an hour. On the plus side they sound really good without Jools with Gerard staying on the acoustic all the time and the new songs sounded amazing especially the one where Gerard sings really high. What I cant understand is where were all the big songs were I know they are limited now without no piano but still there was no Here's One For You, Under a Sun, Still, Scars, Invention. I thought they were fantastic and Gerard's voice was made for venues like the Albert Hall. On a whole I'm not going to say Witness blew embrace of the stage cos they didn't. The crowd pretty much treated witness like a average support band with the usual wanker shouting at Gerard to get his hair every other song which finally resulted in Gerard saying "you're probably as bold as fuck" to him. Yeah so I don't think witness gained many fans from last nights gig but they certainly didn't have anyone saying they were shit I just wished they played some better songs although the new songs show real promise .

Scott Cooper


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