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7th October 2004

Gerard now working on solo material

Gerard Starkie is now working on solo material. For an exclusive download of one of his solo tracks go to the mp3s section.


26th March 2004

Have Witness split?

This seems to be the question on most Witness fans minds. The answer is, I suppose - not really! The band is still altogether in all but name. Personnel-wise and musically-wise - its all the same as before. The renaming to Gerard Starkie is not an end as such to Witness but more a progression (in the same way that Bob Marley became the main focal point of the Wailers in the 70's.)

As previously announced - a new 3 track demo has been recorded and will be released as a promo shortly, as soon as the artwork has been finished. All 3 tracks will be made available for free download on a new website ( that will be launched next month. This will lead up to the release of an album later in the year.

Throughout the year on the new site - as well as the 3 demo tracks being made available for free download, old demos and new exclusive acoustic recordings by Gerard will also be made available to freely download.

The new site will also include a Q&A session with Gerard to fill everybody up to speed with whats happenning.


BBC Radio 6 broadcast:

Witness featured on BBC Radio 6's 'Dream Ticket' on Wednesday night, broadcasting the bands Glastonbury set from 1999. Unfortunately I only caught the tail end of it - My Own Old Song and Audition as well as a brief mention of the band from the presenter, whom just stated that the band had recently split up but Gerard was about to launch his solo career. Apparently you can still listen to the session on the BBC 6 website but I can't seem to get it to work...


Gerard interview

Last year I conducted a long in depth interview with Gerard that was supposed to go on the site soon after. Due to one problem after another throughout the rest of the year though, I was unable to put it online. However, hopefully this should be finally going up on the site shortly.



18th March 2004

Witness live broadcast

Witness will appear on BBC 6's 'Dream Ticket' programme on Wednesday 24th March. They will feature alongside Kraftwerk, Mull Historical Society and Lords Of The Church. They will feature sometime between 10 and 12 and will more than likely be a 20 minute set of the tracks they recorded for BBC Choice, four years ago.

Gerard solo details

I can reveal that the three recently recorded tracks are:

The Wisest Man Underground 
Mountain of Pigs 
The Recovery

All three tracks were previewed at Witness' final gig at the Borderline last year.

One of these tracks will hopefully be available for exclusive download on this site shortly.


24th February 2004

NEWS EXCLUSIVE - Witness are no more

Witness' management have confirmed that Witness are no more.

However, the good news is that Gerard is to embark on a solo career, with the same musicians from Witness involved.

They have just finished recording a three track demo at Fall Out Shelter (Universal Island studios). Band insiders claim the demos are the best they have ever done.

Further news on Gerard and his solo project will appear here soon.