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22nd November

Familiar face on tonights Jools Holland!

Alison Moyet features on Jools Holland tonight with none other than Julian Pransky Poole playing with guitar for her! Also featuring will be Damon from Spiritualized on drums, Joe from Strangelove, Ronis Size (John Langleys old rhythm partner) on bass,  and Angelo from Massive Attack on other guitar.

Jools is also likely to be appearing on the show again next week with Baxter Dury.

Witness appeared on the show back in 1999 at the time Before The Calm was released.


10th November

LATEST NEWS - Witness are back in the studio recording new material for the forthcoming EP release. No date has been set yet but it is likely to coincide with a big gig that is currently being planned for early next year. Details will appear here shortly, as soon as the gig is confirmed.

JUST ADDED - Cause and Effect and Freezing Over Morning tab, 2 gig reviews, and another Under A Sun review.


22nd October

JUST ADDED - New Witness demo, "Call Me" , to mp3s section.


9th September


Witness are to release an E.P of new material in the new year. Tracklisting is yet to be confirmed but is likely to consist of tracks from the forthcoming album.

Secondly, download an exclusive demo of a brand new Witness track that is likely to appear on the EP via the mp3 section on the left.



8th August

Just added - updated Pendulum lyrics (Thanks to Greg Nash for those).

Also, just a reminder - Witness play Borderline, London on the 21st of this month and the Masque venue, Liverpool on the 31st.


21st May

Before The Calm review added today.


20th May

Details of the Liverpool gig are now confirmed. See Tour section for full details. I've also added 2 new reviews to the Gigography section.


19th May

Witness are to headline the "Americana One" evening in Liverpool on the 31st August. The event is organised by "Americana UK" who have been long time fans of Witness and awarded them album of the year last year. Full details of the event will appear on their website  tomorrow.


9th May

Review of new demo just added to reviews section


7th May

I've just finished a minor redesign of the site..hopefully it should be slightly easier to use than before and quicker to load the main should also look better on those of you that have your screen resolution set to lower than 1024x800. The main page is just temporary until I get to see what the new artwork will look like, so I can adapt the website likewise.

Secondly..the demo review....I know I've been promising it for ages buts its being typed now so will be with you either tonight or tomorrow! I'm not too good when it comes to writing stuff like this though so please don't go expecting a journalistic masterpiece!

Finally, thanks again for your continued support. The band really appreciate it and it has been very helpful to them after the shit they have been through in the past year. Please bear with them and it will only be a matter of time before you hear the details on the new deal and tour.


1st May

Updated the site stuff includes:

- 2 new Under A Sun reviews added

- Hop & Grape review added (10/01)

- Tab for Avalanche, Mines and My Time Alone

Tomorrow I should hopefully have typed up the long awaited demo this space!


3rd April

Witness have now completed an 8 track demo, which by all accounts is "amazing" and "the best stuff they have written yet". A full review of the CD will hopefully appear on here shortly.

Talks with record labels are currently going very well and a deal should hopefully be reached soon, allowing Witness to complete their 3rd album and get it released.

Their management are currently putting together some gigs for Witness. Dates will appear on this site as soon as they are confirmed. Watch this space!


7th March

It can now be confirmed that Witness have in fact been dropped by Island. The London gig however will still go ahead and any news on a new label will appear here as soon as I hear anything.

Updates to the site today include:

Reviews: Bath Moles review and setlist.

Also - one more thing. If anyone has emailed me and not received a response - please email me again. It appears that some emails have not been getting through, so if you don't get a reply, just keep emailing me until you do!


20th February

Updates to the site today include:

Releases: Singles, promo and misc. sections updated

Pictures: Misc. section updated

MP3s: Zero Zero added.


6th February

Witness are to play Bath Moles in March prior to their Borderline gig. See Tour section for more details.


4th February

I've just added reviews of the last 3 gigs - see relevant sections for more info.

Several of you have been enquiring as to what Julian is up to at present. Read on...!


Music – working with Trent Reznor/Howie B/David Maurice and Blue (Julian Copes man) on new project in Missisippi right now – the kid actual name is Travis – of course can’t go out under that name!!! – but there is a warm up show in Jackson – then shows in Manhattan, Miami, Atlanta, Vegas and LA. David from Darkstar is on drums and Martin who works with Bjork is on bass.  

Other than that – my main project is Dragons – my new band with David on Drums and Tony on vocals  - it is like Queens of the Stone Age/Smashing Pumpkins/Sonic Youth meets U2/”are you ready for the country” vibe of Witness/ Doves.  The interest in it has been overwhelming but we are just focusing on the album right now then we’ll sort out a plan of action – we have about 20 tracks which we are currently in production of.  Its all killer and no filler! - we took on Massives old studio and where Portishead did Dummy – in the room next door Martin Kesiko from the Prague Philharmonic is string arranging for us – its sounding awesome.  There will be a Dragons site soon for more info.

Webwork – for Lloyds of London – portfolio site is – see me in the people section
Jurassic Park 3 europe site, The Fast and the Furious, The Parole Officer, American Werewolf in london dvd anniversary - “Ow woool!!”

Love to ya all – and I miss you too.





18th January

The Borderline gig, set to take place yesterday has now be rescheduled for the 19th March.


2nd January

After a year full of ups and downs for Witness, 2002 promises to be a fresh start for them. Before heading off for a well earned Christmas break, Witness had just been in the studio demoing 4 songs from a total of 17 that have been written already for the next album.

The four tracks recorded so far are "Numbers", "Portion", "The Ending" and another which name I'm afraid I can't remember! The sound is again, a huge departure from the last album. The best way to describe it is a kind of progression from Before The Calm (although far from a BTC carbon copy). From first impressions I would say it takes the best bits and aspects of both albums and uses them to produce what seems to be shaping up as their best album yet.

When they return from their Christmas break (Gerard is currently visiting family, Dylan is in Australia and Ray was spotted propping up the bar in the Roadhouse in Manchester with Guy Garvey from Elbow - it is also rumoured that he joined a cover band on stage to sing Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag"!! - Ray - guilty or not guilty??) they will perform a few dates before heading back to the studio to demo the rest of the album.

I can also confirm that Witness will now play support on the entire Embrace tour, and not just the London date, so good news there for those who live to far away from London to travel there. See tour section for full dates. Also check the lyric section for In Miniatuare and Pendulum lyrics.

I'll finish off by wishing you all a very Happy New Year. Thanks to everyone who has helped me keep the site up to date with gig reviews, lyrics etc (Greig deserves a special mention!), and also to Witness for continuing to provide us with quality music!