Wigan Reporter Article. 27/03/03


Witness the homecoming

Are you going to 'Witness' the homecoming

The Witness lads, Dylan, Gerard, Ray and John are back, fighting fit and, to coin phrase, well up for it, Are you?

Well you could be off to see one of Wigan finest exports, Witness, perform their first ever gig in their hometown at the Mill at the Pier on Saturday 5th April

We've got a whopping FIVE pairs of tickets to give away for what has been the most eagerly awaited Wigan gig of the Year

But first the band
We spoke to singer Gerard at his home in Bristol on the eve of his bands first gig for about eight months and he was in fine form

"We'd better get some practice in then," he laughed, "I'm really looking forward to playing in Wigan and seeing some of the old faces again. We have wanted to play a hometown gig for a couple of years now and this is the first chance we've had it's gonna be special for us"

It's gonna be special for the audience too

He added "There's a few brand new songs we've never played before and we are dipping into our back catalogue to find some old songs we've never played live before either

Witness's second album 'Under a Sun' was released to widespread critical acclaim in summer 2001 and it was immediately hailed an absolute pearler.

But expected sales didn't materialise and in an era of mercenary record company decisions they were cruelly axed

But the lads have landed on their feet. Their management company is one of the best in the business, their roster boasts the likes of Richard Ashcroft, The Music and The Streets and it's fair to say that little lot haven't done too badly from themselves in recent times

Some observers have pigeonholed the band in the Americana and alt-country scene alongside the likes of Ryan Adams and the Jayhawks, but sage observers are more likely to say they resemble early Neil Young or REM

Americana is the new cool. Whichever label is lucky enough to release Witness's next album will be counting themselves very lucky indeed

Gerard said "We can't wait to record the next album - It's all written, we really want it to be out within the next five months so we can start touring properly again"