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Intro E(b5th)   E  X4

Song                surrounds

E(b5th)   E       B        BMaj7 B

Taps       the     tension

E(b5th)   E       B        BMaj7 B

               It`s not them, It`s

E(b5th)   E          F#

all projection, it`s not me, It`s

E                   F#

my surroundings        Song

E                         F# 

stung me

E(b5th)   E      E(b5th)   E    E(b5th)

It`s a funny thing thing from a distance

E(b5th)        E                                      B  BMaj7  B

We don`t know why we`re doing it 

E(b5th)    E                         B  BMaj7  B

I don`t know if I`ll ever get out of it, You

E(b5th)  E                            F# 

complicate my easy life


Maybe your filling a function


What is it you see up there that`s not already down here

E                                                   F# 

          Don`t cover up your scars

Bsus4          Emaj7       E    C#m(A root )  C#m 9(A root)    C#m

Because I don`t want to know

Bsus4       Emaj7      E         C#m

About close approximations

Bsus4   Emaj7         E        C#m(A root )  C#m 9(A root)    C#m

I want to take you home

Bsus4          Emaj7   Bsus4     Emaj7  E    

When the noise outside is this loud you can`t block it out

Bsus4       Emaj7           E        C#m(A root )  C#m 9(A root)    C#m

You can`t spend your time on me

Bsus4       Emaj7      E            C#m

there`s a space that`s got to be left completely empty

Bsus4     Emaj7        E             C#m(A root )  C#m 9(A root)    C#m

Song surrounds and my surroundings stung me

B                               F#                        E(b5th)    E   E(b5th)    E (to end)

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