See that man the crazy twitching in the corner 

he's always like that its not meant to annoy 

watch him later on when everything starts moving 

he doesn't stop twitching no he only does it on the floor 

I've seen this scene so many times before 

I've been this scene so many times more 

Time I was moving along I must have been here for years 

it's not my idea of a life's work 

take me I will leave I will go away 

get myself a cruise and then I'll lose it on the high seas 

its 3am and I'm rolling up a big one 

I've got the sounds lord I'm moving on the rhythms 

anything works if you turn it up loud 

don't turn it down I said don't turn it down 

here they come for me my messengers 

like some random haunting the smile on a rested mind 

I'll meet the morning and remember all I've seen 

yeah, kneeling while the ocean calms 

well I swung down from the trees with a few ideas 

got my eyes resting I got my mind working 

the sour is going to balance out the sweet 

yeah, if I get my cues from the things I read

and I get my kicks in mixed company wet and dry 

where will I go when I die 

I needed sea I needed waves I needed uncontrolled 

I needed wasted years and a drunken soul 

I've made my lungs raw and I'm ready to go

yeah meet me where the sun meets the sea 

I've got the text memorized Jesus test me

 and then give me my tune

and then turn me turn me turn me turn me loose