My Time Alone tab (thanks to Jazz)

C ("gotta car pickin me")
G ("up...I don't")
C ("know where its..")
G ("going....")

steps down through F# to

Em ("its not something I")
C ("labour on")
D ("im a follower")

C ("we all")
G(1st inversion B bass) ("need a")
D ("cure..lets")
G ("take...")
A step through B ("take comfort in..")
C ("that")
steps through B to
Am ("I went there")
D ("lord and now I'm")
G ("coming back")

Mid 8

C ("the elem...")
D ("..ents corrode the")
G ("colours on the")
C ("I knew that")
D ("they would fade but")
G ("I didn't know it would")
Em("be this fast I ..")
C ("feel too old to")
D ("run the final")
G ("mi....)
C ("but I can")
D ("fake a smile")
G ("I can fake a smile better than anyone")

into chorus as above.

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