More Miles Away


Should have gone more miles away

all I had to do is pray

who could blame for the consequences

I'd pay high prices for mine

join the workers underground

coming down

rich man drinks because he's grieving

poor man drinks because he's poured his talents on shadows

shadows shadow in the shadows

leaving everybody in the dark when all the sounds are empty

must be out of my mind

someone got beat in the street last night but it wasn't me

I've blitzed the night man with all worries

tomorrow I will get things going

I've made some plans and now I know they don't stand a chance

and it feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders

sometimes you've gotta stay down just to keep your world intact

why don't you just try to be likeable if you wanna be liked

we could score some weed and head off for the country

and if there is such a thing as soaking each other in I'll give that a try

there's no need to churn yourself up all you've gotta do is turn up the music and mayhem trust me

its all tried and tested

when you've had a day like this one do you get over it with reason

or do you just try to forget it ever happened