Into The Waves


I was up for some reward

 they pinned my name on a notice board and 

everyone knew something 

something about me

 but they were all looking forward

 to find their names claim their reward and

 them that didn't got angry and

 them that did got bored

 before I could drift back home there 

were still things left to be done and

 there was I trying 

trying to get on 

worried looks round everywhere and

 mine aren't halves because I don't share and

 lesson one and only is 

don't you care too hard 

just throw your thoughts into the waves

 and let them drift away from here 

I will buy the scenery 

off everything that I can't see and

 I will sell the mundane so that 

I can buy some more a

and when the ones I love have gone 

I'll value my collection

 above all the other things that 

clutter up my life

 and I won't change priorities

 they took too long to form in me 

they might be wrong but rights too easy 

if I had a penny for

every thought I'd cheated

 I probably wouldn't be able to think of what to spend it on

I throw my life into the waves

and let it drift away from here

and where they get washed up

 and where they get washed up is

out of my control

out of my control

its out of my control

 throw my life into the waves

and let it drift away from here