So you've been hijacked you've got a nerve coming back

soiling me with band news when I've used up mine already

I lose my days getting through days the days that wind me up because they won't go away

 I got so high the peaks were pin pricks

and I got so I'd placed all my bets on energies

 go lucky kid there rolling blind down the hillside

I've been cut up and pasted in orderless arrangements

I've got visions coming like a train they're passing

I've got all my chances resting on the one that sent me

 I got so sure about my doubtings

that formed right there like drops from fountains

I got so low the hills were mountains

 and I'm dreaming instead of scheming meanings

nothing gets to working because everybody's retiring

 I've got love in my bones

so you've been hijacked

I've got to say you've got a nerve coming back

and when I wave my last goodbye I'll try and make it memorable

because staying out of trouble pacifies my use of comfort

and unless I am invisible I'll take my troubles neat

and if they beat me then I'll be beaten

it's better than being denied all the troubles that are mine