Cause & Effect  (thanks to "Cam" for this)
Am                                  C
Why do you still hang round?


Am                                       F               Am
When you've let all of your good friends down


Am                                            C
It's no good tellin' me that you've tried


Am                                        F            Am
You've got to flood me like the highest tide


F                     C     Am                G
This is not an option, this is not a game, no


Am   G     Am            G    Am   G     Am           G
I don't go far enough away, I don't go far enough away


Am                  C
Everyone is disguised


Am                                                   F            Am
From the clothes their wearin' to that look in their eye


Am                                      C
Yeah and some of them do it well


Am                                     F            Am
You might be one of them I just can't tell


F                                C
When you look in the mirror


Am                  G
What is it you see?