Before The Calm tab (thanks to Cameron Carstairs)


   Um, it's difficult to put this beautiful piano led tune to guitar to the same effect, but I play it quite regularly and it seems to get a warm reception.  See what you think....
G      G(bassF#)  Em                  C                 Em   Am
     Oh life, a        wasted morning, I don't fit under a magnifying glass,
G      G(bassF#)  Em    Am                        Em       C
     All dry            times, I can see which way it's gonna end up going,
G                  G(bassF#) Em                       C                    Em
     Don't think like these  cracks are showing, it's not terminal,
     be fit again tomorrow.
G            G(bassF#)  Em   Am          Em  C
     Leave your           tired memories      back there,
D               Em           D                      Em            D
     If I reach out of here, I can touch your fingertips,
                                  G            C
     Stretch and grab my hand and i will do the same,
               D                           Em
     I don't need you, no I don't need you,
          D                                                  Em
     But when your looks have faded and my moods have improved,
                            D                                         Em
     Yeah, when we want instead of needing and I'm coming back for you,
     When I....
                Em          D                      Em            D
     Reach out of here, I can touch your fingertips,
                                   G            C
     Stretch and grab my hand and I will do the same.
Thank you, you've been a wonderful audience.....

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